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The Art of Blowing Glass

I love when I find an artist who does truly unique work.  I’ve never imagined a glass dress that can actually be worn!  Teal Rowe, whose studio is in Ojai, California, takes glass blowing to a whole new creative level.  Inspired by a wearable art competition, she has created amazing glass garments.  And I adore her glass paint brushes.  Light, color, beauty, and energy just flow from an ordinary wooden paint brush handle. 

You’ll enjoy watching her videos by clicking here.

Teal Rowe

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13 Responses to “The Art of Blowing Glass”

  • Connie Borowski:

    The art of glass blowing is intriguing. A friend of mine took a week long class at a school in Oakland, CA and said that it was challenging.

  • Jennifer Franks:

    Glass blowing looks amazing, this is the first time i have heard of anyone being able to wear it. It’s is definetly on my list of things to do (bucket list)

  • marciela nuno:

    i am not a very artistic person, but i do think it is beautiful. i think that glass blowing art looks wonderful.

  • Marasha Miller:

    I am so amazed. I never heard of anyone being able to wear a glass blown dress. The dresses are beautiful. Teal Rowe was very creative when she thought to make those dresses. She really found a hobby that is very capturing. I really liked the videos!

  • Raquel Manriquez:

    I agree with you glass blowing is a very unique art. I have even seen glass blowing on decoration of wedding cakes it was beutiful and unique, but i have never heard of actual clothing. I will have to looking into it!

  • carina olmedo:

    I have only seen glass blowing art a few times but none has been as admirable as the ones on this site. I love the way the colors blend and complement one another so well. Glass blowing creates beautiful pieces and I am amazed at how detailed and controlled the final work seems.

  • Austin Pearce:

    Every time I see this type of art, I am just amazed at how someone can create such a beautiful piece of art with old shards of glass. I have a few blown glass vases and I just love the vibrant red and blue they have.

  • Melina Galindo:

    Glass blowing is a very creative art. I have seen some pieces before, but never any wearable garments. I guess that is the beauty of art, there is no limit to what an artist can do. In this case, the artist is expressing their creativity through glass blowing & fashion. I am looking forward to seeing more pieces from this artist.

  • Claudia Silva:

    It is amazing what this artist has created, a glass dress! Glass garments, that is creative!

  • Alvaro Avila:

    WOW! The video was pretty amazing. Ive never seen glass taken to such a creative level. Im new to this blog and this is my first comment and will definately not be my last. The Art of Blowing Glass is an artform unlike any other Ive ever scene.

  • Christopher Burgess:

    I love blown glass and find it to be an amazing process.

  • Jose R. Muñoz:

    I was fortunate enough to witness this art first hand in Italy. It is absolutely amazing. There was a television program that had an entire segment dedicated to glass blowing in Italy. One of the artist made a huge chandelier that was displayed over one of the canals in Venice. Just seeing some pieces here brings back many fond memeories visiting Italy.

  • Carmen Sanchez:

    I have minimal knowledge of all the different types of art creations. Glass blowing seems to be a hard procedure to create something so beautiful. I love the variety of colors on the sculpture with the paint brush. As I read the article, I was amazed that the glass art could be worn. I hope I get to see that one day.

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