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Thank you for your interest in showing your art for sale on the Heart of the Artist web site.  Becoming one of our artists is a process.

1.    Application. When you apply for the first time, we ask you to submit your artist statement as well as images and information about your artwork. Please submit a completed application form. There is an application fee of $20.
2.    Selection Process. Your artwork will be reviewed, and we’ll notify you within two weeks if you have been chosen to be included in our website.
3.    The Heart of the Artist does not choose to display the work of every artist who submits an application. However, artists who are not accepted may always apply again with a different portfolio of artwork.
4.    Fee Structure. We market your artwork through our website for a $10/month fee or an annual fee of $100, and we take a standard gallery commission of 25% for sold artwork, so please take this into consideration when setting your prices.

I look forward to receiving your application and working with you in the future.



Please include all of this information completely before you submit your application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Artist Name:
Artist email address:
Artist phone number:
Artist mailing address:

Artist medium (Please complete a separate application for each medium):
Artist statement (Who are you? Why do you do the art you do):
Artist background (Education, shows, awards):

Agreement to execute a contract. (Please read the contract available on The Heart of the Artist web site, and agree to the execution of the contract if accepted to show and sell your work on The Heart of the Artist web site.)

In order to get a good representation of your body of work, you must submit a minimum of four, and a maximum of twelve, works of art during this process. If you have more work that you’d like to sell through The Heart of the Artist, once you have been accepted into The Heart of the Artist, you can submit more later.

•    Each work of art you submit must include: A brief description of the work including the medium(s) used and the dimensions.
•    Professional quality, clearly labeled digital images for each work you intend to submit

Important information before you apply:

An application fee of $20 required each time you submit your work to be considered for The Heart of the Artist. If you are accepted to The Heart of the Artist, you can submit all the new artwork you like in the same discipline, without having to pay an application fee.

Submit your $20 application fee through PayPay and indicate if you would like to be charged $10 a month or $100 a year if you are chosen to be included on The Heart of the Artist web site.

If you are not accepted, you can reapply as many times as you like, but your chances will improve if you submit substantially new or different artwork, or improve the information from a previous submission.

Once you submit your work, you will not be able to change any part of your application. Please be sure all your information is correct before you submit!

When you are chosen to have your work included in The Heart of the Artist web site, print a copy of the contract which must be completed and mailed to me before I can upload your artwork to The Heart of the Artist.

Submit Your Completed Application to info@TheHeartoftheArtist.com

For questions, contact us at info@TheHeartoftheArtist.com

Downloadable Application Form

Downloadable Artist Agreement

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