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elle-jé freeheart

Elle-jé freeheart’s studio sits atop a building overlooking Ventura Avenue from the ocean to the freeway up to Ojai. Her outdoor workspace is full of sunshine and breeze. There she creates her art with “clay, concrete, plaster, papier, paint and words.” She invites you to study sculpting with clay and painting with color in the workshops she teaches there. She encourages people from the community to come share the art and ambiance of her space for meetings, tea parties, and classes. She hosts her gallery inside in a room filled with her expression. One guest said he was “overwhelmed by the amount of emotion in one room.” A trip to elle-jé’s studio invites and allows you to look at art differently.

A work of art to elle-jé shows mastery of a medium in the complete piece with excellence which is inspiring and humbling. She demonstrates this mastery in works of self expression often finding that the faces in her work bear an unintended striking resemblance to her. She considers herself a narrative artist because her pieces tell a story.

Currently immersed in preparing for a one-woman show to take place in downtown Ventura this August, she is focusing on two dimensions in her work. The show is entitled Embracing My Shadow, Dancing My Light. In her shadow she is exploring pain, misery, space, and what we don’t want people to see. She has discovered that this dark element of the show is much easier to develop than the Light part of the show where she examines how we are trained to be humble and self-effacing. She has discovered that it is easy to agree with your audience when they criticize you, but that taking compliments is much more difficult.

I was especially moved by one of her sculptures where a woman sits on a box dressed in a suit, leaning forward with her hair cascading down over her face. This powerful paper maché sculpture named Despair seems like there could be tears dripping down from her eyes. The paper maché looks like rough granite. Another impressive sculpture is Beast on Her Back which shows the bust of a woman with a nasty little monster clinging to her back with boney arms wrapped around her and one hand in her head and the other in her heart. This one makes your skin crawl imaging how that must feel.

In elle-jé’s words, “i see with an eye towards the dark unexplainable side of life where strange, surreal, secret places hold forgotten but possible realities and potential. my work reflects a love of altered realism where the ʻunattractiveʼ are beautiful. my art is always in process as am i. . . . i am enamored with living, and as such endeavor to live authentically, within my own nature, as i interpret intimate experiences with life, embrace my shadow, and dance openly in my light.”

To visit elle-jé’s gallery and studio, contact her at info@ellejefreeheart.com or 805-746-9762

'steppin' out', $940 19"x18"

me, myselves, & I $2,600 13"x15"

This 3D sculpture rotates to show all sides.

me, myselves, & I $2,600


' coffee break fantasies', $3,000 life sized: 20"x20"x25", base is 20"x20"x30"

'bottle of hope' , $1,300 7"x12"

'easy target'
15"x20"x18', base is 18" diameter, 28" tall

'easy target'

another view

'seeking the magic key'

57"x19"x10" includes pedestal

$3,000 ceramic

'seeking the magic key'




The La Petite’s: sizes vary fro 8"-12", $185 ceramic, one of a kind collectables
La Petite 1

La Petite 2 and 3
$185 each

La Petite 2

La Petite 3

La Petite 4

La Petite 5

La Petite 6

distilled moments are quietly extracted and separated from conscious, determined thought, the feeling moment captured in time
“we do not remember days, we remember moments.”
-Cesare Pavese-

these 'chair women' are authentic wabi-sabi* freeheart creations

wabi-sabi is the essence of things imperfect, impermanent & incomplete. it is the beauty of things natural, unconventional & contradictory. it is about the hidden, the intimate, the subtle and the profound. wabi-sabi artwork reflects the fleeting nature of life, and reminds us that nothing exists without imperfection.

:: this piece of art is made of natural materials that are vulnerable to the effects of weathering and human treatment, thus it reminds us of our own mortality, and encourages us to rejoice in each given moment.

There are 8 pieces in the distilled moments collection, each about 6 x 13" and each available for $490. The set of 8 can be purchased together for $3,400.

distilled moment 1

distilled moment 2

distilled moment 3

distilled moment 4

distilled moment 5

oblivion escape

$ 310
acrylic/ink on paper /cardboard mounted on wood.


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  • Dinora:

    Very elaborate sculptures. “Coffee break fantasies” was the most interesting to me. The smaller sculptures on top of the woman’s head and the ones in the coffee mug gave away her fantasies. Talented art work.

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