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Who knew just a few years ago that a camera would be in every phone, and that now we can take movies on our phone and send them instantly to our Facebook or Tweet them to our friends!  I just downloaded a free app onto my I-Phone that makes movies with good sound and lets you zoom!  But as with all things free, you get what you pay for. The zooms are pixilated, and to do anything with your file, you have to upgrade to the version that costs money. I was going to include a little clip here of my friend Bambi Poindexter painting. But, since the app was free, no upload! She’s beautiful, but I didn’t think to talk to her while she was painting, so I missed that sound element. 

What does all this mean to artists?  As with everything, the attitudes of the world are shifting.  In the past, you would have to go to see an artist painting in a studio or at a location where the artist could see an inspiration.  Now an artist can take a picture of what that inspiration is and paint from that picture.  And the consumer is less satisfied with a static picture.  They want the sound, the close up, the movement. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to film artists in action and share their thoughts with you.  Rapidly evolving technology allows this gift.  And I am also grateful to gaze at a beautiful painting, see a different take on the world through the eyes of an artist.  I encourage you to take a moment, take a breath, and enjoy just a peak into the eyes, mind, and heart of an artist.

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