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Shirley Eichten-Albrecht

Shirley Eichten-Albrecht has a wonderful way with fiber.

Her creative approach to baskets is different from anything I have seen before.

Her baskets are definitely art as opposed to functional, and they are beautiful to behold.

She uses materials that haven’t been used for baskets before, or she uses familiar materials in unique ways.

Her choice of color and texture evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.

I personally purchased two of her creations because they spoke to me. I wanted to be able to enjoy them every day.

People are drawn to them when they enter my home and want to know all about them and the artist who created them.

Twill is Shirley’s favorite weaving technique. She uses a variety of materials from raku bases that she creates, to gourds, to reed, to seagrass, to Native American beads, to antlers.

Enjoy the videos of Shirley working in her studio.

Metamorphosis Gourd
Tall gourd woven with dyed seagrass, pony beads, dyed rattan reed and embellished with philodendron sheath and jacaranda pods
15" Diameter x 15"
$ 650

The Contin $345

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