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The Art and Spirit of Tom Faught Part 2

The Art and Spirit of Tom Faught Part 2

My husband Ron and I just returned from another visit to Maui. When we visited in April of 2012, I had the chance to meet Tom Faught, an amazing sculptor and ceramic artist. I wrote about him in The Heart of the Artist at that time from the perspective of him facing his transition from this life due to Stage 4 metastatic cancer. He was very frail but so positive. And he was saying his goodbyes.

I found it odd that I hadn’t heard of his passing, so I took a chance and emailed him. To my surprise, he emailed me right back and invited us to his home for a visit.

Tom greeted us, smiling and robust with a new lust for life. Tom decided not to take the terminal diagnosis from his doctors as true and researched online to find help, and he did. He learned about the use of a Hyperbaric Chamber. Figuring it couldn’t hurt; Tom traveled to Oahu and started treatments. Hyperbaric chambers are used to improve the quality of life for many people using 100% medical grade oxygen in a pressurized chamber. Originally created as a treatment for the bends, this treatment is known to help numerous medical conditions. The theory is that being in the chamber stimulates the immune system to fight off disease. The therapy has been shown to help everything from Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Lyme Disease, sports injuries, Migraine and Cluster headaches to Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries. There were no guarantees, but in Tom’s case, it worked a miracle.

Now Tom rides his bike 12 miles a day and has shifted his artist drive into creating a delightful series of sometimes satiric self-portrait drawings. He has changed his studio into a beautiful gallery of his large ceramic pieces and sculptures.

Tom and I discovered that we had both just read Proof of Heaven, a book by Dr. Eban Alexander. This life changing book showed us both that there is so much more out there than we can imagine. Tom says he went from being an atheist to being a theist by reading the book. That’s a pretty strong statement, but I understand. Always there is a way for our lives to be more beautiful. Tom, Eban, and Tom’s son Graham demonstrate this.

Tom’s recovery came just in time because last January, his beautiful 21 year old surfer son Graham broke his neck in a surfing accident. Tom has been able to significantly help with his son’s recovery encouraging him to never give up. Now paralyzed, Graham has now gained enough movement to begin feeding himself, and undaunted like his father, has figured out a way to draw striking portraits. Instead of giving up with self-pity, his plan is to be able to support himself with his art like his dad has done.

I am grateful for the inspiration of these courageous men. Their lives touch so many more and their art will always show their brilliance.

Check out Tom’s website at Artist Tom Faught Studio and Foundry
Tom vessels

The Art of Emily Thiroux Threatt

The Art and Spirit of Tom Faught

We just returned from a beautiful visit to Maui. My husband Ron lived there 30 years ago and still has friends there we visit when we go. This time we had the opportunity to see Tom Faught, an impressive ceramic artist. I had been wanting to meet him since I love the two pieces of his we have in our home. His work is unique and large.

Tom started doing ceramic art as a boy and sold commissioned works he created to put himself through college. He has had his studio and foundry in Maui for over 30 years near the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center and has created many large works of art and sculptures which can be found through out Maui. I especially loved one large vessel taller than I am and bigger than I could put my arms around.

We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to visit with Tom as he is now dealing with his mortality and pending transition. He has been dealing with cancer for awhile now, and he touched us deeply with his positive beautiful attitude.

Tom’s large studio is situated on a lovely piece of property surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. He has several small buildings on his compound which house other artists and his son, and he lives in one with his wife who he calls his angel. Tom is surrounded by friends and artists in a way that makes me think of tribal living. For example, when climbing down from the loft where he slept became to difficult for him, his people came together to build an addition to his home to make his life more comfortable.

The joy Tom radiates as he talks of his life while being an excellent host was an inspiration to me to live my days fully and to appreciate each moment. He exudes appreciation for a life well spent with his angel wife, his family, and his friends while having the opportunity to create beautiful works of art for which he will be remembered for many years to come.

Thank you Tom for you art, your beauty, your joy, and the sweet spirit you shared with us.

You can learn more about Tom at his web site: www.tomfaught.com

elle-jé freeheart

Linda Elder Sculptor

Art Heals

When Linda Elder was walking one day, the impact of the vehicle that hit her sent her flying into the next block. Her odyssey of recovery and discovery started at that point. With medical bills piling up, Linda and David, her husband, decided to start fresh by selling their house to pay the medical bills, then they used the money that was left to buy a piece of property where they would build their new home. Linda didn’t realize, however, that David really meant to build their home. The hammered each nail themselves which turned out to be the best rehabilitation from her accident Linda could ever have imagined.

The property Linda literally fell onto while walking on her crutches to help gain her strength back was a lot on Vista Del Mar Drive which was a Chumash Indian meeting ground which overlooks the ocean. Being sensitive to the heritage of the land, they named their house Chrystal Hawk because of the healing energy of crystals and the hawks that sit on the Monterey Pine tree on their property.

Because power tools and pain pills don’t mix, Linda learned to deal with her pain while learning leverage to lift heavy wooden beams. She was able to concentrate on the beautiful Bas relief sculpting she did around the doors and windows. The Interior Design program at the University of California at Santa Barbara was so impressed with her work that they hired her to teach Bas relief for them for 9 nine years.
The house is full of Linda and David’s amazing sculptures including some you can see from the 101 freeway close to San Jon Road. Look up on the cliffs to see a Native American warrior overlooking the freeway/ocean. Their home contains two big art studios. At the front of the home stands a giant totem reflecting the story of the home from the Chumash petroglyphs at the bottom, to the flowers grown on the property, to the cornucopia of fruits and vegetable which can be found there to the dolphin of Chumash legends, to the Chumash woman giving thanks, to the hawk on the top. Spectacular!

Linda spends her time now teaching 1000 children how to do sculpture through the Boys and Girls clubs. She goes into the schools to teach children how to sculpt their own pieces using materials they can easily find. She wants the children to be independent with their art not needing anyone but themselves to explore their creativity. Concerned about the mounting cuts to arts in education, this is Linda’s way of giving back. She also teaches sculpture to anyone interested from beginners to advanced at the studio at her home on Fridays. Read more at their web site.

Sierra Pecheur

Patricia Boyd

Kim Clarke

Earthsong Design Studio

Sandy Wolk does ceramic sculpture that can take your breath away. Her Ojai, California studio and sculpture garden offer a respite of beauty and peace. Sandy’s statement on her website allows you to see her creative spirit:
“ Art is a language that speaks to the soul. Through symbols, images and moods a work of art takes the viewer on a sacred journey, and ultimately toward their own Divine nature.

Art speaks to the unlived energy within us, to old buried wounds, and to the emergence of new energies. Art becomes for us a vehicle for healing… and a means by which we come home to ourselves.

Art is a song that sings us home… it has the capacity to touch those precious parts of our being which have been denied into the shadows of our awareness. For as we bring those buried aspects of ourselves into the light of consciousness there in lies the potential for transformation, for healing, and for connecting to our souls truth.

My gifts as a healer and a visionary allow me the ability bring forth art for the soul and spirit; to serve individuals in their journey toward wholeness and to serve the collective through embracing and expressing the reemerging energies of the sacred feminine.

It is my honor and delight to bring forward these artistic visions.

It is my hope that they offer light and healing into the world, and serve as blessing to those whom are drawn to them.” Earthsong Sculpture

Watch this slide show to see some of Sandy’s beautiful work.


Betty Finch


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