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About the Heart of the Artist

In the traditional way people have appreciated and purchased art, they could find it in a gallery or museum, see pictures of it in a book, or find it in a store. Now, many artists are marketing their own work on the Web.

What’s missing in all these cases is the artist. I have met, observed, and worked with many artists over the years, and what I have enjoyed most about their creations has been the process, the story, the vision of the artists.

I created The Heart of the Artist Web site to bring these artists closer to their patrons. You will have the opportunity to visit their studios, sit in their living rooms, and explore their galleries.  I feature videos of  different artists, and I blog about art and artists. I welcome your suggestions of artists for me to contact. I also welcome artists contacting me directly.

The Heart of the Artist website provides opportunities for you to experience art from the very heart of the artist. I am grateful for your encouragement and support.


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