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The Art of Emily Thiroux Threatt

Traditionally in the study of ceramics, the ceramist will practice creating the same form over and over while trying to achieve symmetry and perfection like dishes by Noritake or Crate and Barrel. While I fully appreciate the beauty of these forms, my pleasure comes from doing something different ever time. I see that my skills and techniques improve with each item I create even though the actual items vary widely. Instead of even, perfectly crafted fiber baskets, ceramic baskets emerge with fluid shapes, unusual colors, and everlasting flowers permanently blooming. Instead of a solid color platter, a multicolored impressionistic fish flows across a plate, or a lovely stand of bamboo inspires serenity.

Texture and color fascinate most people, including me. Incredibly soft woven fabric, rough fibers in a basket, glossy, smooth ceramics, and breaking glaze colors capture my imagination and inspire me to create new baskets, wall pockets, bowls, platters, and fabric. When I wake in the morning, I have images of items in my mind for me to create. I sketch or paint inspirations, and I photograph colors and shapes that lead me to discovering something new to create. All this leads to an ever changing variety of hand built, thrown, or woven objects, or works of art that combine these techniques. I explore different clays and now create my own glazes.

My current favorite inspirations include the never ending variety of shades and texture in my garden, the colors and patterns I discovered from the photographs I took while traveling the world, and the peace I find in spiritual images. I am also intrigued by the human form and its expression.

I take classes and learn from the masters including sculpture classes at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, classes at Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts with Allison Newsome from Harvard University, and Idyllwild Arts Academy classes with Linda Ganstrom, figurative ceramic sculptor, and glaze expert Richard Burkett.

Currently the featured artist at Ventura County Potters’ Guild Harbor Gallery for September and October.

Guest Lecturer at the Ventura County Potter’s Guild Meeting Monday, September 24 at 7:30 PM at the Senior Center in Ventura. Public Welcome.

Figurative Sculpture show at Studio 1317 for the month of September with opening reception December 7 from 7 to 9 PM at 1317 Ventura Avenue, Ventura, California.

A New Head

Medallion Basket
Rustic Basket


Pillar Vase
Sunflower Bowl
Hawaiian Red Basket
Little Blue Cups
Head in His Hand
Interweave Basket
Red Flower Sconce
Large Flower Green Basket
Green Bottom Basket
Half Face Wall Pocket
Medium Cassius Basket
Small Mum Dish
Fish Platter
Dimpled Vessel
Bamboo Wall Pocket
Little Odd Cups
Sunshine Platter
Small Flower Green Basket
Coil Bowl
Cassius Flat Basket
Buddha Wall Pocket
Bamboo Dish
Avocado Wall Pocket

10 Responses to “The Art of Emily Thiroux Threatt”

  • Delesprie:

    So glad you shared your site with me. You have a beautiful body of work. Congratulations. Yes, I probably will see Jane within the next two weeks and
    I will give her your sweat shirt.

    From one artist to another, with blessing on your life.


  • Monet Fregozo:

    I really liked the Sunflower Bowl. It is my favorite. Very nice work.

  • Dwayne McGee:

    The different creations that are made are beautifully made and put together the different colours used and how each pieces creatively blend to make such beautiful sculptures.

    Dwayne McGee

  • Melissa Alexander:

    Wow, all of the pieces are beautiful. However, my two favorites are the medallion basket and the Quon. They both have a very ethnic look and or appearance. Very nice art work!

  • Melissa Smith:

    Very creative! They are all wonderful. I’m having a hard time deciding which is my favorite:)

    Melissa Smith

  • Serena Alamshahi:

    Very interesting collection of works. I especially liked the sculpture of Head in Hands.

  • Katherine C.:

    I love the baskets and the platters. They are unique with a lot of personality. Thank you for sharing.

  • Railda Shields:

    Great work. I love the Dimplet vessel.

  • yanis raya:

    The sunshine platter is my favorite. I took ceramics in highschool and it was really hard for me to be consistant with what I tried to draw out on the clay. It takes real talent and patience. The sunshine platter is beautiful.

  • Antionette Garrett:

    i really like the bamboo wall packet it cool. your really good do you sell any of your work?

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