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The Art of the Great Wall of LA

My good friend Judy Lin wrote an article for UCLA Today: Faculty and Staff Notes that I am sure you will want to read about an amazing mural project in LA which was created by Judy Baca 40 years ago and has recently been restored.  Enjoy!


8 Responses to “The Art of the Great Wall of LA”

  • Cody Parks:

    I really enjoyed the article. I believe what UCLA and respected artists are completing is amazing and beautiful. I appreciate the respect paid to the dust bowl era, for my family struggled through the tough years of drought.

  • Maria Diaz:

    I truly agree, we dont always get what we expect. We always have to have faith and move on. God has a purpose for each one of us.

  • virginia Bustillos:

    Congratulations!!! I really liked the mural because it relates to history. I think it’s a great idea!

  • If I have time, I would love to go down to LA and see this.

  • virginia Bustillos:

    I enjoyed it.

  • This story is very inspiring. Baca did an amazing job on the mural, and an amazing thing for the kids she included. I hope to one day see the mural.

  • I think this story is amazing. Baca did a great thing in redoing this mural and incorporating inner city kids. I hope to one day see the mural.

  • Oct11 I thought about doing this on a huge, blank wall in my kichetn. My mom is a teacher and has her own overhead projector, so I am going to print out a cross-stitch pattern onto transparency film and project it onto the wall. Now that I’ve seen it done I want to do it even more!!

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