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The Art of Compassion

Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball.  Things can be great, and then something unforeseen
can knock us off our feet.  My dear friend Skip Gardner just had this happen to him.  His wife
lost her job just when his work contract ended, his daughter started seventh grade, and he was
admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure. He is home on oxygen after a week in the
hospital.  So suddenly he is without income and his health is preventing him from getting a new
contract right now.  His wife is interviewing for jobs, but we all know what the economy is like
right now. Darla, his wife, is an artist, a painter.  So to help him and his family in this
desperate situation, I am hosting an online fundraiser.  Let’s see if we can all contribute a
little that we can put together to pay the rent and buy some food!  All you have to do is click
on this Donate link to make your contribution.  Any amount will help. The funds go directly to
Skip, and he and his family will be eternally grateful.

Thank you in advance for opening your heart.

4 Responses to “The Art of Compassion”

  • Mayra Arellano:

    I am glad to see that people out there still have caring hearts. I know this post was posted last year. I am interested in finding out if people contributed and were able to help out the family?

  • Teri Warkentin:

    That is a very sad unforeseeable series of events that happened to that family and it is very inspiring to know that there are people out there like you that are trying to help this family in their time of need. I hope you get a lot of good response!

  • brandy:

    beautiful art full of passion

  • Mayra Arellano:

    I have commented on this post before saying that this is a sad situation that happened. I hope the family was able to move forward with people’s donations and support. I believe something good always comes out of bad situations. Keep strong Gardner Family.

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