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The Fear of Art

“Fear of Art” you say? Yeah … 

Most of us fear art in some way. If you are an artist, your fear may be “My work isn’t good enough to sell,” or ” My art sales won’t pay the rent,” or I don’t have enough pieces to drat marketing.”  If you are a collector, your fear may be “How could I know what the ‘right’ piece is to purchase,” “How do I know that I am making a wise ivestment,” or “How can I decide what is meaninful or beautiful to me?”

Now is the time to let all that go! Create what comes forth from your artistic heart. Purchase the art works that feed you, inspire you, or speak to your heart.

Creating and collecting art is all about your heart. What makes you feel, love, or be inspired. Don’t buy or create based on what you think someone else will react to. Do what moves you and you’ll never be wrong.

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5 Responses to “The Fear of Art”

  • Jenny Mauss:

    I agree! During an art class I took a few years ago, our classroom started a long discussion on what exactly constitutes art, and my argument has always been that art is what makes you feel or think in a new way. 🙂

  • storm:

    I think one of the biggest fears that comes with art is how the observer relates to a piece of art. Someone may view a piece of art that is perhaps bloody and grotesque and feel scared, because they are strangely drawn to it. it is the response it unconsciously draws form the observer that is frightening.

  • JoAnna Green:

    I love your post about fear. I agree with you that we are too worried about what other people think. We should do what we love. We should not be ashamed of what we like. After all, we could be the next trend setter with enough confidence.

  • JoAnna Green:

    Great blog on Fear. You are right. To many time we care too much about what others think. We should not be afraid of what we love or do.

  • Brian Torsney:

    Fear comes in many forms and sometimes being able to just let it go and do what feels right is the best thing for not just an artist, but for anyone battling it.

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