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Art that speaks to you

Speaking is usually thought of as audible words, but we hear ever so much more than words.  When you enter someone’s home and the walls are bare, they send you a message.  Other times you’ll enter a home where the art displayed speaks of love, warmth, and comfort, or maybe beauty, passion, and vibrancy.  The art can also express angst or despair. 

When you enter a gallery, a shop, or website that features artwork, be still and listen to what the works express.  I recently purchased a piece of art as a gift for a friend because when I saw it, it spoke to me and I knew how much she’d love it.  She told me that she not only loves it, but her children are discussing who will inherit it!  What I purchased was a glass paintbrush created by Teal Rowe who will be the next artist featured on TheHeartoftheArtist.com website in about a week.

Blue Glass Paint Brush by Teal Rowe view 2

So when you go to purchase a work of art, let the artwork itself guide you in your decision! 

I am always looking for new artists to feature, so if you would like to be featured or know someone who would, please send them to http://www.theheartoftheartist.com/sell-your-art/

5 Responses to “Art that speaks to you”

  • Maria Pantoja:

    This glass paintbrush reminds me of the blown glass figures displayed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. They are so neat and awesome to look at. It is incredible how class can be shaped and twisted to form big magnificent flowers.

  • Cathy Leland:

    I love this piece of art! It is so creative and the coloring is beautiful. I will definitely check out this artists other work.

  • Julissa Minero:

    What facinates me about art is that it could be absolutely anything. Art speaks to us in different ways and the best part is that you can interpret it any way you like. There is no absolute definition about a piece of art. I love this piece because it doesnt scream “art” or what most people would consider art. Sometimes you need to take time and analyze what your observing and realize that beauty is within and not necessarily the obvious.

  • Jenan Burhan:

    The paint coming out from the brush is just gushing is so unique! It is a very vibrant piece of work and very beautiful.

  • Great post, very informative, hopefully it will being some of those lurkers out into the open.

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