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Art Education and Alanis Morissette

Arts education is incredibly important for the youth of today, and they have less and less access to it through tradtional education.  I am impressed with the efforts of Michale Beckwith’s Agape church in Los Angeles to not only provide access to arts education but to actively seek scholarships for this opportunity.  And I am impressed that Alanis Morissette is giving a concert at Agape to raise funds for these scholarships.  She really understands the importance of giving back.  Watch her YouTube video about this.

11 Responses to “Art Education and Alanis Morissette”

  • Karissa Snyder:

    I really like this video because art is not taught anymore in schools and it definitely hurting our youth. Children need art to help expand their minds and use their creative sides.

  • Gabrielle Keen:

    I am really happy to see something like this being organized. Art is dying in nearly all of our schools these days and it is a very important contribution to our children and how they see the world as they grow up. I am happy to see that there are organizations as well as artists joining efforts to try to conquer the downfall of art.

  • Janie Ruelas:

    I definitely believe that art appears to be fading away in our educational system. It is good to know there are people still out there that do care about art. Art can change the way we perceive the world!

  • Mike:

    I am a huge fan of Alanis Morrisette and think that it is awesome to see her involvement with art education. Especially since I consider her to be a remarkable artist herself.

  • Julie Plata:

    What a wonderful thing they are doing! I have a 10 year old daughter that made her mind up at 5 years old that she was going to go to art school after graduation. Just knowing that there are organizations out there that may one day help her to fulfill that dream is great.

  • Linda Jones:

    Great music good cause. It is nice to see people who are so blessed giving back in ways show them giving their all.

  • princess watts:

    I think its important for students to have access to arts at school. I think its great that scholarships are being rewarded to students that have a passion for arts.

  • Tishawna Mims:

    From the third grade all throughout high school, I was in the band. So, I know from experience how important it is for students to experience art. I am thrilled to know that there are people who still care.

  • Alicia Bowen:

    I work at a school for my after-school program. Arts and crafts is a huge part of our program because the children do not get to do art projects or crafts anymore since the school’s scores are so low. This logic makes no sense to me. I remember learning subject content through arts and crafts in elementary. Children needs arts and crafts!!!

  • Mike Azparren:

    I think it is great that Ms. Morissette has lent her name, time, and talent to this cause. Art education is worthwhile for philanthropic monies.

  • Tina Gui:

    Arts education is so amazing, and im really impressed by these young artists!!

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