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Betty Kaufman

Betty and Patrick Kaufman’s custom designed home overlooks the vibrant red rock mountains of Sedona, Arizona.

They welcomed us to their lovely home decorated with richly colored, uniquely designed large woven art.  While much of their work could traditionally be described as baskets, they look nothing like what comes to mind when you hear that word.

The warmth of their designs in both their art and their home mirrors the warmth of their relationship. Their loving banter and frequent laughter is totally supportive of each other. This joy flows through their creations so that I just knew that when I place one of their creations in my home, that joy would flow out into the room.

We really loved spending the afternoon with Betty and Patrick.  You’ll get a sense of their delightful life in their videos.





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  • Please, can you PM me and tell me few more things about this, I am really fan of your blog! I just subscribed to your feed.

  • admin:

    Just let me know what you’d like to know about. I’d be happy to send you more!

  • Oh, Diana, she is GORGEOUS! That is a great texture, and what a wonedrful shade of green! My daughter keeps saying how she wishes she had green eyes. But we come from a long line of browns.Your teacup bunny made me giggle, too! I’m sure he added some wonedrful flavor. And some sweetness, too!

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