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Art Appreciation

Before the Roman Empire fell, support and appreciation for the arts fell. This has become a pattern throughout history.  As funding has been cut to schools, the programs that get cut first are in the arts.  We are currently living in a time when the recent generations have had little or no exposure to the arts in school, so appreciation and awareness of the arts is fading away.  Art museums and galleries are suffering from this shift in values of our culture.

The good news is — we don’t have to let this happen. There is so much you can do and enjoy. Take a watercolor class, learn to dance, or take a basket weaving class (really, basket weaving is fun and so creative!) Or go to an art opening, visit an art museum, or notice the public art in your community. Help a child do an art project.  Go to a live theatre performance, or go to a concert.  Enjoy!

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  • Alejandro Gonzalez:

    I volunteered at a local elementary school to teach them about the arts and the importance of them. The school I chose to volunteer at was/is cutting music and arts programs more and more very year, unfortunately. I recommend everyone to help children paint or even bang on homemade drums, it really is an enriching experience.

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